Our TV-APPS & Channels

We partner with Movies Plus (free and ad-free) Roku, Android, and Amazon Fire TV channels.

Movies Plus publishes TMN (The Movie Network) and Movies Plus TV on Roku. (Each of these have about 300,000 followers.)

They also publish “Movies Plus” on Fire TV. (Over 400,000 Subscribers and growing steadily.)

Our oldest channels are “Badass TV” and The Screening Room on Roku.

(Each have about 50,000 followers.)

Movies Plus TV on Android is here! Here’s a sample of the videos that we have curated, see the (R) TOP corner for the Playlist, which includes great shows like “Death Valley,” Special Unit 2 (SU2) and from the producers of Canada’s Corner Gas, the complete Hiccups TV series. It’s also free and ad-free. (Note that we don’t control the Youtube ads that may appear in the embedded playlist below.)

Our newest channels on Roku are ArtHouse Movies and Film Fest Best.

(Each have about 20,000 followers.)

See the Metro Film Festival for how you may get your film or TV-show broadcast for free to our audience of about 500,000 viewers. Metro operates the “Metro Film & TV Awards” on the free-service, FilmFreeway.

We also partner with FluentialTV. They can put your film on TV quickly. There is a charge, but like I say if you can’t wait for the Festival to place your film/show on one of our “partner” TV-APPS or Channels, then see FluentialTV.com

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