IT’S ALIVE! (Errrr, we’re live — and Free!) All of our channels have moved to a “LIVE” format. Which means that inside of each of our Movies Plus or Movie Network channels’ you will find several LIVE streaming channels aka “Subchannels.” For example on Badass TV and TMN, we’ve added a Live-Sports sub-channel, a Live-Baseball Sub-channel, and a Live-Music channel.

About me and my streaming TV company, Apple Pie Films:

Apple Pie Films (Apple Pie Films LLC) produces and acquisitions Movies and Television programming, and then we develop “Connected TV channels” to augment our partner’s “Over-the-Air” broadcasts in towns like yours. What is Over the Air or “OTA?” This is a contemporary, digital version of “Rabbit Ear” television. Which means that you can simply plug an antenna into your TV set. IT’S TOTALLY FREE. Once you plug in an antenna (I use a paperclip but don’t quote me.) Then you would use your “rescan” function lock in your local stations. (For more on how to “cut the cord” see my article…Cord Cutting 101.)

We’re not done yet! I mentioned Connected TV, aka “CTV” and sometimes called “OTT” or Over-the-Top television. This is television brought to you via an Internet connection and a separate device that plugs into your TV. The devices are called a “set top box.” You’re probably heard of Apple TV, that’s a set top box — but wait, I don’t want you to get fooled by Apple’s expensive service because I use the biggest and the best Set Top Box. It’s called Roku. I also use the second biggest, and that’s called Amazon Fire TV.

About my TV channel network. My largest channel is “Movies Plus TV” and it is (free) on Roku, Android, and Amazon Fire TV. I’ve been doing this since 2015, and I have about a million active viewers network-wide (this number does not represent OTA broadcasts, which are counted by Nielson, and reach over a million viewers in towns like Detroit alone.)

It’s for real folks, in 2022 we’ve expanded into several new markets, and our audience-reach will grow from 700,000 (current) to well over a million by the end of the year.

Watch our FREE LIVE TV channels: Movies Plus TV on Roku. (Currently over 200,000 viewers (and well over a million cumulative Subscribers, but who’s counting?) 😉 wink wink.

We also publish “Movies Plus” on Fire TV. WITH LIVE and VOD. (Over 400,000 Subscribers and growing steadily.)

Our next biggest channel is TMN (The Movie Network) again, LIVE and with almost 200,000 active viewers.

All my channels are family friendly.

Our oldest channels are “Badass TV” and The Screening Room on Roku. Our newer channels are NICHE channels: ArtHouse Movies, IFC-USA, and Film Fest Best. All of these channels have moved to a “LIVE” format. Which means that inside of each of these Niche channels you will find several LIVE streaming channels. We’ve added a Live-Sports sub-channel, a Live-Baseball Sub-channel, and a live-Music channel.

(Each have about 50,000 followers.)
  • Movies Plus TV on Android is here! We have over 50,000 installs as of April 2022 (this is pretty good for a relatively new Google Play-store App.) Below is a sample of the videos that we have curated.
  • If you look at the Top (right) hand corner you’ll see the video Playlist, which includes great shows like the Vampire/Cop-show parody “Death Valley,” and the fun, monster squad comedy “Special Unit 2” (Aka SU2.) And added “Plus” is from the producers of Canada’s “Corner Gas” TV show, the complete “Hiccups” comedy TV series.
  • This App is also free. (Note that we don’t control the Youtube ads that may appear.)

See the Metro Film Festival

Note that this is a MONTHLY festival, so you may submit all year long, and you’ll have an opportunity to get your film, TV-show, or Webseries broadcast to about half a million people. (That’s not too shabby ehh?) Metro operates the “Metro Film & TV Awards” on the free-service, FilmFreeway.

PS: Read Dean’s books via — and guess what? You’ll also find STAR TREK info on my page too…because I love Star Trek.