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Welcome to the Poop!

This is the Martian Poop blog and I’m you’re leader. That is if you need a leader. But if you don’t then take me to your leader if you have a leader, or if you want a leader; then take the lead and be a leader. Okay, so you get the picture right? We like to have fun with words here.

This blog concentrates on the fun side of Rare Movies, Music, and most anything that offers you a unique look at stuff you normally wouldn’t or couldn’t (or shouldn’t) look at.

I love Sci-Fi. (A main thrust is the “poop” about Science Fiction movies and TV shows.) Another thrust…err “Poop” are the assorted blurbs and video-clips that you’ll find via the “Search” feature. Stuff related to filmmaking, the Aliens inside your mother in law, and other junk food. (Kidding, there’s no junk here, in fact this site is NOT full of freak’n adverts!)

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