Piracy is theft

Enough already, theft is not cool.

Enough already! If a person comes to my house and removes a package from my property they are stealing. That makes them a thief, and they deserve to be prosecuted for doing an illegal act. STOP SAYING “PORCH PIRATES!”

If a person breaks through a wall, door, or display glass of a business and then removes merchandise, then that is called theft, and they are to be called vandals and importantly, thieves or robbers. STOP SAYING “SMASH AND GRAB!”

Enough of the cute slogans and light-hearted terminology that makes raunchy acts sound cool, trendy, and less than the violation they are.

I find it hard to believe that when my Detroit police captain reports a break-in, he is BRANDING it as “Smash and Grab.” I’m going to write him, and I think you also should write your local sheriff (err police-captain) and/or contact your Mayor. I’d suggest going to the Governor of your state but I know they have their hands full with the Virus and Security issues around the Capital.

On the other hand, I can see why advertisers like Kangaroo use the term “Porch Pirates.” Because companies like this exist because of this new robbery (technique.) Yes, robbers Rip-Off their neighbors, and our society freak’n tolerates this action because it’s branded as something other than what it is — a pure violation of our privacy and security, etc.

Let’s tell them the use of “trendy” terms to describe an act of stealing should be stopped.

Now, I’m going to have a cup of coffee and re-start my day. But before I go, a big hearty SARDONIC “thanks” to the dang-television news for creating tension in my day…you’ve done it once again. You trivialized a very serious illegal act, and the fact that (you) are prone to generating hoopla rather than good ole’ fashioned news reporting just wants me to say: “Tomorrow, when I wake up I’m going to make sure that I do NOT tune into the daily news. Forget it. I’ve had enough.”

In closing, I’m obviously not feeling very cheery, but I wish you good Cheer. — (c) Dean Lachiusa 2021.