Streaming TV channels for rent/option, or sale.


Since 2015 TMN and Movies Plus have garnered over 1 Million Subscribers. IF you’re looking for a streaming movie/TV opportunity that works as a Publicity tool, Promotional tool and a Business, read on! TMN and Movies Plus branded channels are available on Amazon FIRE TV, ROKU, and ANDROID. Indie-Filmmakers, Facebook/Twitter groups, and Film-Organizations are very much encouraged to contact me and discuss your ideas.

Take control of your movie/TV distribution! You (could) test the waters with the latest “new” online channel, platform or digital distribution venue. These outlets never pay you anything.

SO NOW, you can do it yourself on my proven platform. Just to hammer home my message, I know you heard that you can do your own Roku channel. Well, lot’s of luck getting anyone to add a new channel to their device. There’s 1,000’s of channels in front of you! Why should anyone add an unproven channel? They DON’T! THEY LOOK FOR RATINGS! AND I HAVE 1,000’s!

I’m very open to your suggestions. Be Pro-Active! (See links to my biggest channels on (There is a Moviesplus website, but I’ve redirected it fun blog/website…But keep in mind, you may REBRAND the Channels & Website(s) to suit your own Studio or Organization.)

I run — and this Fest serves as a CROSS PROMOTIONAL VEHICLE and Acquisition portal. It is part of the package (IF) you would like it.

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