Star Trek

There’s another way to enjoy Star Trek and it doesn’t cost a thing. Watch streaming content on our specially published Roku channel or on an Android device. The “Apps” are totally free, the Content is all FREE, and guess what because these are films made by fan-owned-studios, there’s NO-ADS. Get it here:!

Watch hours of great content that I’ve personally curated. And in some cases I think you’ll enjoy the shorts that I’ve compiled into special long running programs like the Star Trek Continues and New Voyages (Phase II) Vignette episode.

If you’re interested in how the beautiful music was composed for Star Trek, Vic Mignogna (voice over artist and STC producer) demonstrates how he “spots” music. Later in the video we visit a Live Orchestra to hear more about how the music is produced for the STC series.

Also watch Star Trek Horizon (uses production techniques similar to Picard and Discovery,) and Star Wreck (an exclusive HD quality version, this is a comedy.) Also see some of my favorites like Starship Exeter (features great FX and a GORN battle,) Aurora (CGI,) and Starship Farragut (animated)

Add the Roku Channel called Star Trek Continues Phase 2 directly on your Roku device. (Or if you’re already signed into Roku’s website this is the direct link:

I hope you enjoy the shows, and I hope that you decide to share your thoughts about Star Trek on my latest Facebook group (it’s open to everyone — no strict rules here:) It’s called Martian Poop, which just so happens to be the name of our Sci-Fi channel called Martian Poop.

In addition to the latest film edited by John Atkin with alumni like Sulu (Yorktown,) and the latest by Kenny Smith called “First Frontier” plus classics like EXETER and AURORA…We also stream content from some of the following fan-owned Star Trek Studios:

Star Trek Continues Phase II New Voyages Farragut Federation Files Warp 66 

What are these names??? Well these are fan-owned Star Trek studios and productons; “Continues” is Vic’s Georgia based studios called The Neutral Zone, this series is beloved by thousands and thousands. The music, editing, acting, lighting…is bang-on.

One the the first fan-owned studios is the home of Star Trek New Voyages. It’s was James Cawley’s (upper New York state ) production studio, and now it’s an Official/Licensed Star Trek Tour. James is responsible for working with George Takei (Sulu,) Walter Koenig (Chekov,) and Tim Russ of the “Star Trek Voyager” series to produce some very well done episodes that I stream (did I mention earlier that you may watch totally gratis?) Once called Star Trek Phase II, these web-TV productions are notably part of the New Voyages series. If you’re interested in this programming then you may like to visit Tim Russ and many other Star Trek Alumni at the Atomic Network, you’ll find a website, FB group, and Kickstarter campaigns.

Farragut is one of the original production arrangements associated with Vic. I like their animated shows, and you may watch these on my channel too. (Again, totally free.)

Federation Files is the Warp 66 Studio. Located in Arkansas, these are a great group of folks who continue to produce content throughout the pandemic.

Here’s the link for the public FB group, I hope that I’ve piqued your interest, please join us:

Until then, here’s one of my favorite Trek pics that you may enjoy.

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