Film Syndication


A.) If you have over 20 films in your library, then it’s easy to get your movie or TV-show distributed on our Network. Please contact our curator by email or Facebook. And if you are an indie-filmmaker with less than 20 films available for license, we have another method:

B.) For those of you who want to get exposure for one or two films…in your case we use the services of FilmFreeway as a Portal for ingestion/acquisition. We call it the Metro Streaming Festival. But don’t worry, it’s NOT LIKE A TYPICAL FILM FEST.

C.) The Metro Streaming Festival is almost free. Sure, there’s a $10 fee but that’s just to filter out the riff-raff.


1.) This is a direct pathway to assist you in showcasing your stories to the industry, advancing your career goals, and growing your professional network.

2.) It’s a chance to Screen your Pilot, Work in Progress, Series, or completed Film. Trailers are FREE.

3.) Metro gives those who enter our Festival the OPTION for Publicity and Promotion on our TV Channels and Mobile Apps. Get streamed to over 200,000 Subscribers on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels, and over 50,000 on our new Android App. Additional statistics will become available as we expand to other platforms this year.

For example, we partner with various platforms like iHolyfield TV, a network of Over-the-Air Television channels (aka “digital antenna.”) iHolyfield is on channel 33 in Detroit, on 6.1 in Los Angeles, channel 12 in Pensacola Florida, and 39 in Decator Alabama. See iHolyfield in your town soon, including Channel 29 K29NCD, and Jackson State University. iHolyfield is also on Comcast…”

Our filmmakers have used Metro as a Launch-Pad for getting Distribution deals, here’s one:

Alexander Pimentel, Director of “Down River” streamed his feature film on Metro’s Connected TV Channel, “Movies Plus” on Amazon Fire TV. After 6 months and 70,000 downloads, Alex shared the news with a Venture capitalist who agreed to finance Alex’s next feature film. Read about it on FilmFreeway.

Q & A…

  • Q: Will a million people watch my film?
  • A: Maybe, but most likely about 75,000 or over 200K if you’re on all our Platforms.
  • Q: How is my film displayed on your channels?
  • A: Each video features a poster art and a description. When a Connected TV Channel user (like Roku, or Amazon Fire-TV) clicks on it, then the video streams.
  • Q: What methods do you use to monetize films and TV shows?
  • A. AD-REV SHARE (adverts play about every 15 minutes.)
  • B. ANCILLARY PRODUCT SALES (You know, like those neat Marvel soda-pop cups you get at McDonalds.)
  • Q: Where can I watch the festival’s movies and TV programs?
  • A: On Roku, Android, and Amazon Fire-TV devices and soon on HiSense TV and many many other LIVE platforms. Programming is free and it’s free to add the channels and apps. See links on the “Award and Prizes” section on FilmFreeway.
  • Q: How do I get your FREE Channels or check out your FREE TV-APPS?
  • A: Visit
  • Note, you’ll need to have the Internet, and a Roku or Fire TV device (they cost about $25) or an enabled Smart TV.

The Metro TV & Film Awards are International and support most every type of content from across the globe. However, we accept only ENGLISH SPEAKING (DIALOG) submissions only. Subtitles will NOT meet our requirements.

A content’s Release Window(s) is not a determining factor for consideration in the Festival. Metro aims to encourage filmmakers, rather than looking for methods of exclusion.

We aim to promote you, not knock you down!


If your content is rated highly, then we will try to place it on as many of our channels/platforms as possible. Either way, you get exposure that most filmmakers would kill for.

Awards & Prizes


Currently, we stream “Gems” from our Fest on our Movies Plus channel on Amazon Fire TV.

We also stream Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and TV programs on our Roku “Martian Poop” channel.

For examples of our entire network, including our TMN and Moviesplus TV channels please visit

Note that we’re also partnering with the great folks at iHolyfield TV, an OTA (Over the Air) free channel that you may watch if you have a digital antenna. And they also broadcast in cities like Detroit on Comcast channel 90. No kidding — these folks are going places, and you may (you just might) find yourself being offered syndication if you join up with us. 😉


We accept all ENGLISH SPEAKING (No Subtitles) genres and types, however to stream your content on our APPS/Channels, your submission must be family friendly. We do not place (every) film submission on (every) one of our channels.
…For example, all winning films do well on our “Amazon Fire TV” channel, but winning Science Fiction films are also placed on our “Martian Poop” Roku channel. And winning Trailers can be found on our Android App.

No nudity, graphic adult language…Reminder — NO FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILMS.

See the following Points 1-6 if you’re interested in having your content streamed on our Connected TV Channels.

1.) To have your film broadcast on our platforms, we ask for an MP4 video encoded at a bitrate of (about 5000) please no UHD or FHD. Try just a 1280×720 or 1920 x 1080 at a normal Frame rate like 29.9fps. NTSC is preferred.

The 50 and 60 frame rates that are used in “mov” formats usually do not stream very well — so don’t risk it. See below for an option to encoding it yourself!

Try using a service like Dropbox, just make sure to make it a public link — but remember Dropbox free limits you to 2GB, so read on please. You may try other services, for example is good because they ENCODE the video for you. Remember to EMAIL the link to us! (


2.) Streamers, prepare a 800W x 450H image, rather than the usual poster size. Save it as a (.jpg) please. Please keep it under 100k.

3.) Streamers, prepare a 1-2 sentence description of your film. You may INCLUDE your URL.

4.) Streamers, you must own the content you submit and accept responsibility for all clearance, music-rights etc.

5.) You may stream your film for a ( minimum of 1 ) month on our services. You may stream on other platforms (we’re nonexclusive.) We do not claim any rights to any of your content. YOU KEEP ALL YOUR RIGHTS.

6.) LAST THING TO DO: Email your stuff to (and don’t forget your film-link!)


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Metro from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the content submitted.

FilmFreeway Rules & Terms are the official T.O.S for Metro and the related Streaming “Awards & Prizes.”

Making money on your film…

If you’re participating on any online streaming service, then here’s a few tips.

Within a free platform like Movies Plus, we encourage you to place your website-URL and mission statement on your film’s POSTER-ART. This art is the first thing that people see on our TV channels.

On most any site or via any aggregator that will allow you to do so, try this: Put your Website address or Point of sale address on your VIDEO-DESCRIPTION. When our audience selects a film to watch, then your film’s description pops up, and you may direct them to your website where they can engage, network, and maybe even buy stuff.

Note, this tip is especially useful at the end of your film: Publicize your film studio or Swag at the start/end of your FILM. If a person likes your movie, then they’ll be encouraged to visit your P.O.S. to buy a T-Shirt or other ancillary product. If you don’t have anything printed up — consider Zazzle, Cafepress, etc.

About our online and TV-App offer called “Ad-Rev-Sharing.” We partner with STUDIOS and FILM ORGANIZATIONS. IF you are a member of a group of filmmakers, then we can offer your group a portion of the advertising revenue. Please note that this arrangement is something we do on a case by case basis if you have over 50 members, OR at least 20 films in a library of content…(Offer for original films only — no Public Domain or mashups please.)

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