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Amazon Prime no longer accepts Documentaries and Shorts

Recently Amazon announced that it will no longer allow Short Films and Documentary Films to be submitted for distribution/streaming on their platform.

Thousands and thousands of indie filmmakers and hundreds of Distributors are effected by this new rule. Here’s what it means to you. The opportunity to jump start your distribution campaign has now changed. You’ll no longer be able to leverage Amazon in order to say “I’m on Amazon!” And that kind of prestige was a nice thing for the Indie Filmmaker. It meant that you had taken the time to place Close Captions on your movie, encoded and followed the other Amazon guidelines.

What it didn’t mean was that you would make a red-cent. And that’s a concern for Amazon, especially when a 3 minute UHD film can take up massive amounts of storage – – in some cases up to 300 Gigabytes for a Pro-Res (MOV) formatted 4K file. Imagine if you had to pay for that kind of storage! Even a giant like Amazon has to consider if a film is actually making them money, or merely taking up space (and costing them money.)

I’ve taken the liberty of grabbing a snapshot from the Amazon website. Here we go…

Even distributors like Kino Lorber and Icarus are effected by Amazon’s Lockout.

Interestingly enough, the Amazon website says that “unsolicited” films will not be accepted. And that would lead one to believe that (if) a distributor has an agreement with Amazon, then perhaps this new policy didn’t apply. But it does. On Filmmaker magazine, Kino Lorber, Icarus, and First Run Features all have commented that this policy will directly lock them out.

Even large Studios and Distribution companies have seen the Amazon Direct’s upload feature ghosted — it’s no longer possible to upload shorts or documentaries. This will effect many a filmmaker who consider Amazon to be the “go to” place to establish a distribution strategy.

What can be done? Most filmmakers have heard of platforms like FilmHub and Film Platform, and other online marketplaces. But — these platforms are not going to work when a Distributor cannot easily place content anymore. Studios and Indie film distributors depend on Amazon. Therefore, many a Studio/Distributor will have to concentrate on their own VOD venue. And that’s a tough sell, because the market is OVERSATURATED. It’s a mess — everyone and their brother has an online streaming platform, and everybody seems to have a Roku and/or Fire TV presence.

Why do new services pop up even when some of the largest funded streaming platforms have failed? For example, Quibi, the short-form streaming platform raised $1.75 billion from investors.  But they went out of business in 6 months.

Obviously, being online doesn’t mean anyone is watching! So starting your own Channel or Streaming-Website is a guaranteed fail. And OTT devices like Apple, Roku, and Fire TV offer developers a way to publish a “set top box” channel, but they are way over-saturated. Roku has over a million indie film channels, all fighting for the same 10 bucks…So forget doing your own. BUT THERE’S HOPE.

Get your film on a Roku or Fire TV channel that is established. If you can’t get your Short Film or Documentary on Netflix, Vudu, or Hulu then you can always stream your Short Film, TV program, or Documentary on my Channels. Sure, I don’t have millions of Subscribers, but my audience is quite large. I reach about 300,000 Subscribers on Roku, and over 350,000 on Amazon Fire TV.

You’re invited to join us. It’s nonexclusive, it’s simple, it’s painless.

What’s the catch? $7.00 for FilmFreeway Gold Members. 10 to 20 dollars for the general public. You heard right, to get your film streamed on Amazon it’s a one time fee of less than 25 bucks. That’s all it takes to set this up. Go directly to the monthly fest. (NO Obligation to compete, and you may submit your film monthly.) OR pm me on Facebook for more info. Cheers, (c) Dean Lachiusa 2021.

LINKS: Add a TV Channel to your Roku, Amazon, or Android here.

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Streaming TV Festival broadcasts indie movies

Here’s a quick look at the 6th annual Streaming Movie and TV contest held by Metro Film Festival and Film Freeway. It’s only 7 bucks to enter if you have a FF gold membership or a whoppin’ $10 to enter for the general public. And I have to say, a $10 Film Submission aka “entry fee” is darn good.

Especially because you get a chance to have your film or TV-show seen by over 200,000 subscribers on the TMN/MoviesPlus network. (See the “TV” link on this blog to check out or ‘add’ the channels to your Roku or Fire TV, or Android.

PS: It’s only about 25 dollars to buy a Roku/Fire stick, and you simply plug the device into your TV. Of course you need Internet to use all the features. But hey, for a mere $25 you can stream allot of free movies, and rare stuff from Film Festivals like Metro’s are on assorted FREE tv-apps.

Here’s a snapshot of the Metro Streaming TV Festival, which allows filmmaker’s to enter EVERY MONTH, and get streamed quickly and easily for almost no-money at all.

A monthly streaming TV festival that gets your film on Roku and Fire TV for the cost of 2 Latte’s.

Metro’s been doing this since they started distributing indie content in 2014. And it’s a shame that many independent filmmaker’s do not take advantage of it. Why? I’m not sure, but I think there’s a disconnect somewhere in the filmmaker-logic. And before I explain the misconceptions that most filmmakers have about digital distribution and streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and online in general let me first say:


STUBBORN FILMMAKER LOGIC 101: “I’m going to make my short film and then use it as a calling card to do bigger and better films. But, if a film-distributor or Online Platform like Netflix, Hulu, or TMN/Moviesplus expresses interest, then I’ll change my tune and ask them for whoppin’ amounts of money, because after all they make all kinds of dough and I should get a piece of it…”

Sound familiar? Here’s why a Streaming TV Platform (like Vudu, Hulu, TMN/Moviesplus) cannot make money on a short film. When you watch a Youtube video…do you “skip” the video-advertisement or do you let it play through? You skip it. Why, because you think it’s rotten that you have to sit through a commercial just to watch a short video.

It makes sense, right? Why should you have to watch a commercial just to (SEE) if you like a 5 or 10 minute film?

Now apply that logic to all online movie venues. And now double-down on your thinking, because Independent films do NOT HAVE known actors. Indie films do not have the Actors that we trust. People like Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt pretty much are giving their ENDORSEMENT when they are attached to a film. So, we can trust that a film that they’re in will be worth watching. And we might even sit through an advert or two in order to watch a Hollywood film.

But indies can’t say that they have “Bankable Talent” in their movies can they?

Okay, lecture over, I think I made my point. If you’re an indie filmmaker, get your head out of the clouds, and get your film seen. Enter Metro’s Streaming TV Festival for less than $10 and get the exposure you need to get your next gig. And if you have questions, write me. I’ll answer. Find me on Facebook under “Dean Lach.”

*Footnote! To get an Ad-Rev deal with TMN/Moviesplus you (usually) need to have a catalog of content, much like an aggregator or distributor has. So I’ve made it easy for you. JOIN A FILM ORGANIZATION. If your local Film Meetup or Society has over 50 members and over 50 films in their library, then I’ll give them an Ad-Rev share. These arrangements are done on a case by case basis.)

Last words: Make the move, take action, don’t let your film sit on the shelf — be proactive…be a successful filmmaker. Cheers. (c) Dean Lachiusa 2021.