Star Trek, STC, & Atomic

We have a winner!

The funniest Star Trek meme goes to “Gorn Free” as seen on the Star Trek Continues Facebook page. Star Trek Continues is a relatively new Star Trek series produced by folks in Georgia on a 9,000+ foot Star Trek stage. (It’s a replica of the 1968 ship from the original series.)

If you’ve never watched the show, it’s a terrific production with lighting, props, costumes, and staging that is exactly like the original Star Trek. And the program is worth a watch. I do suggest that you allow yourself to be flexible because the program features new actors.

My favorite character is Scotty, who is played by James Doohan’s son. He does a terrific job and quite an homage to his dad’s performance.

Note: I feature all the STC episodes — and other Trek shows like New Voyages (by James Cawley) on my Android app. It’s free and ad-free. Follow the googleplay “TV” link herein. Cheers (c) Dean Lachiusa 2021.

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