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Musical Poop

Detroit Music: Jack White released a Platter that Mattered before White Stripes

AKA: “Odd Ball music and the Detroiters’ who listen to it…”

Long before Jack White hit the big time with “White Stripes” he was touring Metro Detroit with a band called Goober & the Peas. I enjoyed many a Goober show, and others like me who enjoyed what I call “odd ball” music were also at the shows. We jammed at places like Lili’s in Hamtown. Okay no, the town is really not named Hamtown. Hamtramck, Michigan is well known around Michigan for it’s Polish Sausage and abundance of Polish culture. Of course, that was then.

And this is now. Rock N’ Roll is no longer considered “top 40” or commercial when compared to the Rap/Hip-Hop-derivatives. However, some might say that being on the burning edge of a society is where Rock and Roll music belongs. But you didn’t come here for a lecture on R & R did ya?

You came because Jack White, Cub Koda, Catfish Hodge, The Urbations, The PM’s, Bootsey X and The Mutants once blasted out super fun and creative music. They performed in obscure corners of Metro Detroit where people laughed, danced, and enjoyed hot hot women and cold cold beer.

That was Goober and the Peas! Now how about Cub Koda? The Cubmaster was a great talent known for his blues-style guitar playing. He released solo LP’s and played with his band “The Points” at Second Chance in Ann Arbor (aka A-Squared.) But some of his most notable tunes are from his days with Brownsville Station. Here’s two of my favorites…

You may have heard a newer version of Smokin’ in the Boyz room by Motley Crew. Now listen to “Hodge” – – Catfish Hodge! He released a regional hit, “The Boogie Man’s Gonna Get you” on his 1972 Eastbound Records release. Eastbound/Westbound was a Detroit label, and you may have heard of them via bands like Funkadelic. The following video is from a re-release of Hodges’ music on Ace Records called “Different Strokes.”

Hodge played the blues, but what about another style, something I like to call…Rockin’ Polka? Here’s a dang fun band that was more interested in being “odd” than being politically correct. The following 70’s era remake was a local Detroit radio hit. You might recall the original hit from the 60’s. Love Potion Number 9…

PM is fun, but Bootsey X was pure genius — or at least as Bootsey says, “Genius From the Waist Down.” I owned a Cassette that Bootsey X and the Love Masters released back in the day, and I still love this music! Bootsey jammed at Lili’s in Hamtown many times, and I also enjoyed his vocals when he accompanied Dark Carnival, singing the Iggy Pop classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

Side-note: Dark Carnival featured RON ASHTON on guitar! Yep DC is one of bands that he fronted after leaving Iggy and the Stooges.

Second Side-note: Ashton’s lead singer was Niagara, the Metro-D-area Painter. She’s super talented, and dang-gorgeous too.

Second Second Side-note: Ashton fronted bands like “The New Order” featuring vocals by Dave Gilbert, of the Rockets. No-one screams like Dave Gilbert, especially on their “Love Transfusion” LP. The Rockets were one of my favorite Detroit area bands featuring Jim McCarty (guitar) and drummer Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, both former members of the group Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. On slide and rhythm guitar was Dennis Robbins, who later garnered several hits on his solo LP.

Third Side-note: Ashton was in Destroy all Monsters along with Niagara. DAM was seen frequently around Ann Arbor, sometimes sharing the bill with Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith (Patti Smith’s hubby) and his A2 area band, Sonic Rendezvous.

Mutants, yipes! The Mutants played the D to many a happy crowd, and they graced the airwaves with their hit “So American.” Here it is via 45 rpm, the record is backed by a great (but rude) tune called “Piece of S@^^%.” They also have an LP out, under the name “Motor City Mutants” where you’ll hear a different mix than in the Youtube video below:

Urbations, flirtations, wonko-vations, oh my! I really loved the Urbations early live shows, featuring Dr. Blurt Sandblaster on vocals. I owned one of their EP’s, but it disappeared into the land of…”May I borrow this record, I promise to bring it back…” So here’s what I found on Youtube. If you can find the EP with “Flatfoot Sam” — I highly recommend it. Buy it for me and I’ll blow you kisses forever. The following, “Ring Ring” is really not as fun as the stuff I remember, but you’ll get the idea.

“Otay,” so that’s about all for now folks. Maybe some day I’ll come back and we’ll discuss ODD BALL music from places like Miami, where my bar-buddy Charlie Picket jammed with the Eggs. (c) Dean Lachiusa 2020.

ADDENDUM, da dum dum…This always seems to happen to me, and to you, and I’ll likely continue to add more snippets to this article. Many moons ago I watched a live performance in Detroit by a local band called Fugitive Poetry. The performance was stunning, in particular the tune “Caterpillar” in which the guitarist was elegantly lit while inside a (cocoon.) He rolled and spasmed during the song. And I’m sorry that there is no film/video of that performance. Unfortunately, and IRONICALLY he died shortly after…from cancer in his spine. There is an LP, and I have it. The vocals are strong, and high – in the castrato range much like David Surkamp.

Surkamp was the lead in the band Pavlog’s Dog, and he performed a guest vocal for Detroit’s own Michael Quatro on his 4rth LP featuring the (odd-ball) tune, “Ancient Ones.”

Quatro is best known for his LP “In Collaboration of the God’s. And I highly recommend this record, especially if you like fine keyboard playing. Mike’s famous sister Suzi Quatro and their not-so-famous, but very talented other sisters fronted two of the first all-girl bands — “Cradle” and then later “Fanny.” Mike Quatro is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. And I’ve run into him many times through the years at his live shows and around here. (He also shops at the same record store that I do.) Mike has an interesting history.

As a live performer, he played multiple Polyphonic keyboards at the same time — notably WITHOUT MIDI. That’s right, Mike handled multiple rhythms without any computer assistance. He’s a freakn’ keyboard-genius who’s legacy is likely effected by his reputation with girls.

Sex is something that might have effected Quatro’s career, for example on his “Bottom Line” LP, you can see his wife’s hinny predominantly featured on a series of back-cover photos.

I spoke with Bayard Spector, the SRI record company mogul about his “Bottom Line” release, and he didn’t seem too pleased at the time. I won’t go into details, maybe his reaction had something to do with Mike’s re-releases of his material on LP’s published by the Koala record label, or maybe he didn’t like Belinda’s butt. (This is pure unsubstantiated speculation on my part!)

If you look on, you’ll see Koala released LP’s that Discogs tags as “unofficial releases.” I take this to mean that these releases are not entirely cleared or licensed — and very close to being considered bootlegs. How did releasing music on Koala effect an artist’s reputation? I have no idea, but I find it interesting.

And speaking of interesting record labels…Bayard Spector operated SRI (Spector Records International.) This is NOT the same Spector Records operated by the infamous Phil Spector…Strange coincidence or marketing sub-genius??? — Dean out…until the next addendum!

Musical Poop new poop

Let these tunes say how you feel about the Election! Ten Election Tunes

Aka: Songs that suit your mood and songs that share your feelings about the Election!

Joe Perry said “Let the Music do the Talking.” And that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. After being hammered by months of television advertisement’s and Facebook posts, I think some of these tunes should offer a chuckle, some inspiration, and to some folks, perhaps a solemn, serious note. The following selection of music is designed to reflect the sentiment that many of us feel towards the Election results.

In other words, take this article with a grain of salt (and a snicker or two.) This is NOT directed towards any particular political issue or candidate.

To wrap things up…

Sure, the musical content doesn’t directly point to any one issue or any particular candidate. But maybe that’s a good thing because I’m not trying to rile anyone up. Cheers (c) Dean Lachiusa 2020.

Traditions, Holiday

Let’s Talk Turkey! 10 Thanksgiving Facts

Aka: Could There be No Turkey, No Potato, No Pie on Thanksgiving?

Over the last 20 years or so there has been allot of talk about the roots of North American society. What we now know to be true about our Thanksgiving or “Turkey-Day” is much different than what our parents were brought up to understand. And while there’s allot of political discussion to be had — we won’t get into that right now. Let’s Talk Turkey!

As it turns out, there actually was a Thanksgiving feast back in the Pilgrim’s day, but that wasn’t unusual. For centuries societies celebrated the bringing in of a harvest. We do know that the Pilgrims enjoyed a special meal — and it’s likely that they were giving “thanks” for the abundance of their harvest. But the meal that Pilgrims enjoyed on that day — what we now call Thanksgiving day is much different than what the Pilgrims ate. And it’s much different than what our Fore-Fathers later dined upon. In fact, what we now consider to be a Traditional Thanksgiving Day meal did not come about until after the Civil War.

Here’s a list of about 10 items that they ate or didn’t eat but we currently (traditionally) eat..

1.) NO TURKEY! They didn’t have Turkey! (Well, actually this isn’t entirely true.) They did have Fowl, and it was a bird that we (now-a-days) call a Turkey. But back then…the species was not yet called a Turkey. Get it? Not to be too confusing here, but they also called other birds, like Duck, Quail, or Pheasant, “Fowl.” So you can see how things may have gotten confused in your high school history book. And just to be clear. It was likely that they celebrated their end-of-harvest feast with other meats.

2.) SEA FOOD! Yep, it’s highly likely that the Pilgrims ate Lobster as a main course during their celebratory meal. And, just to hammer home the notion herein — we are talking about the Feast that we all know as “Thanksgiving.” Sea Food on Turkey Day sounds crazy to me too, but it’s a free country, so whatever floats your boat — or in the Pilgrims case…Whatever they caught on a boat that was afloat.

3.) NO MASHED POTATO! That’s right, the Pilgrims did not have the Potato. That vegetable was not in the region at this time. (Think: Ireland…the great Potato Famine of 1845.)

4.) SQUASH! Blech, Yech…to this day, I cannot eat this stuff. But hey, I realize allot of you love Squash and yes the Pilgrims did have many varieties (like what we now call Pumpkin) and they must have enjoyed this along with the rest of their seasonal harvest.

5.) CARROTS! Ever see a Bunny with glasses? Well the Pilgrims didn’t need glasses either because they ate plenty of Carrots. (But on the rare occasion that they had poor eyesight, it is possible that if they did cross paths with Christopher Columbus, then they may have been able to procure a pair of Italian spectacles.)

6.) NO PUMPKIN PIE! The Pilgrims enjoyed the Winter Squash or “Pumpkin” but they did NOT HAVE PIE! They couldn’t have, because to make Pumpkin Pie you need Sugar and Butter. And they had neither. In fact, Pumpkin Pie was not enjoyed as part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal until a lady named Sarah Josepha Hale brought it to the attention of President Lincoln. In 1831, the nation was in unrest from Civil War.

Sarah introduced the idea of bringing the nation together to Lincoln. She proposed that families eat a meal with Pumpkin Pie and Fowl. The healing power of Pie was introduced.

7.) CRANBERRY COINCIDENCE! By pure coincidence, the introduction of Cranberry sauce came into being from a recipe that Civil War troops concocted. They boiled Cranberry’s in a pot, and the syrupy mixture was on it’s way to becoming a popular side-dish. Fast forward to what we now associate with Cranberry sauce. The thick, gelled, canned Cranberry sauce was not invented until 1921.

8.) POTATO BAKE! In the 1700’s Sweet Potatoes were baked with Milk, Eggs, and spices like Nutmeg. But the “Candied” Sweet Potato bake as we know it today was not yet popular because Sugar was very expensive.

SIDENOTE: Classic meals like Green Bean casserole eventually became popular because they could be made with inexpensive ingredients. But the recipe most of us are familiar with did not become a household staple until Campbell Soup introduced the recipe in 1955.


9.) MARSH-MELLOW-MUSH! Dishes like the classic Sweet Potato topped with Marshmallow’s didn’t arrive until in 1922-ish. Manufactures like the King Arthur Flour Company produced recipe books in order to promote their products. And some time around 1930 Chicago’s Cracker Jack marketed the use of their sugary Marshmallow treats in a cooking book. While most of the recipes were obscure, one stands the test of time: The traditional baked combo of Sweet Potato topped with Marshmallow.

TEN…) TURKEY? When did Fowl become Turkey? Believe it or not, it’s associated with the country of Turkey. While the Turks have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until after the first World War that the nation was named the Republic of Turkey. But we need to backtrack a bit here. Years before the “Republic” — Turkish Traders are known to have sold Fowl to West Africans and eventually the European market. The British coined the bird “Turkey” and later when the British settlers arrived in Massachusetts, they spotted a bird that looked very similar to the one they were familiar with. It took some time, but eventually the North American Fowl was to be known as a Turkey.

Eleven-ish.) TURKEY MAKES ME TIRED! It’s a little known fact that the chemical called Tryptophan is not what makes you feel tired after you eat your Turkey Day dinner. Nope, you’re likely tired because of the festivities. In fact, there’s more Tryptophan in Chicken Breast. And you can find Tryptophan in Eggs and most other Poultry. A poultry-point…but someone had to do it. Cheers! (c) Dean Lachiusa 2020.