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The 10 pound donut

AKA…Paczki is pronounced PUNCH-KEY.

YUMMY…Detroit has some of the most diverse food! The “Paczki” is pronounced PUNCH-KEY.

It all started centuries ago when the Kazak’s were invading Poland.

The Poles, who were a passive, but very ingeniuitve tribe were caught off guard while celebrating Lent. But fortunately, the Poles had prepared for Lent by feasting on their seasonal treat, the Paczki donut.

When the warring Kazak’s approached the Polish border, the Poles quickly grabbed the Paczki’s that had not been consumed prior to Lent, and they loaded the stale donuts into the “KEY” on their only weapon, the Catapult. (The “key” is the part of the Catapult in which medievil folks would put a boulder or flaming bail of hay…)

So, the Poles hurled the rock hard Paczki’s at their enemies, and when impacting the enemy line the impact “PUNCHED” holes in the enemy defenses.

And so we have it. The real reason, yes indeed the true history behind why we pronounce the Polish donut called a Paczki as “Punch-key.” It’s true! Would I lie to you? (Uggh…the pain…ohh the pain…) — (c) DL as the ridiculous and snarky “Mr Know-it-all

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