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Giant Spiders and Elves?

From the vaults of low budget Roger Corman wanna-be comes Giant Spiders and evil-doing elves

From the vaults of low budget Roger Corman wanna-be comes Giant Spiders and evil-doing elves. Hey, I have to admit that I can only sit through this one after a few beers. So, whatever this film is really about, I know you’ll get a kick out of it. Besides the music is just plain groovy, it’s a surreal mashup of Salsa and Jazz and Spooky Sounds. And check out this art — can you “dig” it — or does “Mesa of Lost Women” look like pure “Shlock?”

Okay, so yes this movie is Shlock and that’s why I list it in my SHLOCK-O-VISION category.

And if you like a good, action Western with some great actors, check out another recent addition.

That beautiful redhead also stars in “Mclintock!” — a fun Western that we also stream free on our channels, she’s Maureen O’Hara. And although you may by more accustomed to seeing Brian Keith as a Father of two-cute kids in the old TV show “Family Affair” — He is well known for his appearances as a tough-guy in programming like the TV series Hardcastle and McCormick.

The Deadly Companions is directed by the classic Westerner..Sam Peckinpah and it co-stars some other talent known for this genre, including Steve Cochran, Chill Wills, Strother Martin, and Will Wright. Check the film out — I’m quite sure you’re recognize some classic faces.

Says IMDB: “An ex-army officer accidentally kills a woman’s son and tries to make up for it by escorting the funeral procession through dangerous Indian territory.”

I hope to see you on my free, ad-free TV channels. Cheers, and don’t forget to leave a comment — I’d love to hear your opinion of these films. (c) Dean Lachiusa 2020.

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