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12 things people hate about Star Trek

Star Trek Discovery reflects today’s crappy attitudes & conduct like swearing”’

AKA… “The Twelve things fans might just hate about Star Trek Discovery…”

  1. It’s DARK. The show does not embrace the principles of Diversity and Enlightenment that many of us expect from Star Trek.
  2. 3D Animaton. The outer space scenes are flat, dark, and the animated ships are not as beautiful as constructed-models. It still can be done, see The Orville
  3. Klingon Boobies. Brief, but aggressive sex scenes may just embarrass your kids and your mom too.
  4. Fast subtitles. The Klingon translations run too fast, and the Klingon dialog sounds clunky, it reminds me of when they fed a horse named Mr. Ed peanut butter.
  5. 12 actors, or less. Important characters get killed off, and there are very few supporting actors. I expect to see supportive crew that make it plausible to operate an enormous space ship like the Discovery.
  6. The F word. Battlestar Galactica was smart enough to say FRAK, but apparently in this future, the Star Fleet crew finds the need to express themselves with foul language and mediocre attitudes. Not in front of my kid, please.
  7. Rehashed storylines. After 2 to 3 seasons I expect to see a Parallel Universe or something like a Flashback episode, but not in the first season.
  8. No Women. I miss the days when gorgeous women like “Seven of Nine” commanded attention on Star Trek Voyager. I think Discovery could use a little more eye candy.

Discovery’s White-Dressed Klingon chick with the cud-chewing voice made me woof my cookies.

Talk about Fugly!
  1. Lazy Susans. I hate it when Evil Empress’s use Lazy Susans to spin around in order to impress people. Okay, so this is kind of a spoiler, but only if you take notice of the scene I’m referring to.
  2. No Badguys. I have to admit that up until about the 6th episode I couldn’t really tell if StarFleet or the Klingons were the evil-doers.
  3. It’s Muddy. Just when I thought Star Fleet was going to administer a little justice, judgement is cast in the opposite way that an old Star Trek episode would have played out.
  4. Legacy Killer. After watching the first 12 episodes, I find Star Trek Discovery is not bold or ground breaking – but rather predictable and disappointing. I hope they change this, because I’d hate to see the Star Trek legacy marred. — (c) DL as the less than positive “Mr Know-it-all

Watch Star Trek Discovery on CBS-All Access — soon to be renamed the Paramount network, I guess. Who knows what these guys are doing. The network is surely not paying attention to the great programming that they could pick up at the Neutral Zone studios. Read about Vic and his “Star Trek Continues” for a taste of some great retro-style Star Trek shows. See more about STC on this blog. (c) Dean Lachiusa 2018-2020.

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