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Okay, so it’s usually not kosher to ask you to immediately jump to another website…But this author thinks that you should consider things other than Martian Poop or Roku channels. So, if you’d like to read some Off-Grid advice and Antidotes or Alternative’s to over-the-counter Medicine, click this. If not, then scroll down…

Updated March 23, 2022…

We’re extending our network to “LIVE” channels. (You know, like Pluto, Xumo, etc.)

Movies Plus, TMN, and all our other channels will still function on Roku and FireTV, but they will soon be delivering content much like an over-the-air TV station. Don’t worry, the channels will stay FREE!

Since 2015, we are the original “Movies Plus.” If you’d like to see my channels here are some direct links:

On Fire: (Movies Plus on Fire TV is movies & TV for everyone)

On Roku: (Movies Plus on Roku is movies and TV for general audiences)

Our 2nd largest channel on Roku: (The Movie Network aka TMN is family movies and TV)

And for links to my niche channels (Badass TV, Screening Room, Arthouse Movies, Film Fest Best) here we are: Badass TV (Sports & Health plus Volcano videos) The Screening Room (Independent film) IFC – USA Version (Unique movies and TV) (Films found at Art-House movie theaters) (Selections from our Metro Film Festival)

Android: (Videos selected from our Youtube Channel, this App does NOT show the same content as our Roku/FireTV channels.)

All Channels are FREE to add to your device. Happy streaming, Dean Lachiusa (c) 2021-2022.

Filmmakers, you can have your film streamed to about 600,000 viewers right now, and over a million by the end of the year (2022.) Contact Dean Lachiusa via or simply enter the Streaming Festival: (and follow the Film Freeway links.)

For more wordplay, wordology, and general wordsmithing — see Dean’s book: O.G. Chronicles. It’s about off-grid DIY Medicine and Home Remedies and is sold nearly everywhere. Find links on Dean’s website:

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