You Can Have Your Own TV Network on Roku and Amazon Fire TV

News 7/19/21:


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You can have your own TV network for less time and money than what it would take to Develop and Launch a new Roku or Amazon Fire TV channel.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works… My network of Roku and Amazon Fire TV (FireTV) channels have a “Critical Mass” of Ratings that tells the Roku user “that must be a good channel…it has 1000’s of ratings…I think I’ll Install it…” And I get these new installs automatically, for free every day.

To reiterate: Users add my Roku channel’s an average of 100 installs a day, and I get that for free. I PASS THIS VALUE ON TO YOU.

BUT…if you would like to see a comparison (and I don’t blame you for wanting to shop around yourself) here’s what it would cost you to do it yourself. There are four (4) key points that you have to tackle (IF) you decide to publish a CTV channel without using my system

Point 1: The first method requires you to pay for a developer. That’s about $3,000 for an SDK built channel. Additionally you need to pay for Video hosting and CDN maintenance (about $200-$500 a month*.)

*Note that Vimeo’s (pro and enterprise) video hosting can save you money. For example it’s about $600 a year for Vimeo Pro — but, when/if you start to get a ton of video-plays, then the cost does increase. The lesson here is; you can find cheap video-hosting all over the net (and I can turn you on to a few of my favorites.) But in the end, if you’re making money with your Channel, then you want the best, most reliable Video Hosting — not an el cheapo solution.

Point 2: The second method (again this is for those of you who are comparing my solution to the following) is to go with a Roku Direct Publisher channel…For about $1,500 you can have a Tech develop a content “feed,” and then you will need to pay $200-$500 per month* for Video hosting.

Point 3: Both of the methods listed above would require you to pay a Tech or a service to maintain your channel with Videos (video URL’s,) Video Descriptions, and Movie-Posters. This cost is negotiable — unless of course you know how to write code and/or construct a content-feed. But why waste your time experimenting when there’s YET ANOTHER STEP?

Point 4: Reminder, this is if you insist on hiring someone instead of using my pre-built channels…You would need to pay to drive new users to add your ‘homegrown channel.’ There’s only (2) direct ways to get people to add a CTV channel, and one is via Roku’s self serve advertising. It costs $3 to $18 per customer acquisition. (In other words, you pay every time a user clicks to install your homegrown channel.) Yes, you’ll have to pay to push people to install your channel because YOU HAVE NO KLOUT. You’re not HBO or CBS — and you’re NOT ME. (Gosh what an ego 😉 This leads me to the BEST way to get people to add a Channel…Mine!

I have proven installs represented by 1,000’s of Ratings. That’s what drives Roku/Fire TV users to take the time to install my Roku Channel’s…That’s why you should consider using my existing channels rather than solutions-for-hire. But if you insist on doing things the hard way, read on.

Roku users won’t install any ole’ self-branded channel without Klout — because there’s over 200,000 generic styled Roku channels out there. You’ve seen them — the so-called Classic Western, Sci-Fi, Midnight Horror channels, etc etc, blah blah blah.

I know what it’s like to develop a Branded Channel with great art and content that I think people will love. I tried everything to get attention over 8 years ago, but I don’t need to nowadays. I’ve earned my following. I’ve paid for my Subscribers, and now YOU can benefit from my experience.

A little more you should know…

Did you know…your homemade/DIY channel will just sit on the Roku store for months and months without getting more than a dozen Ratings unless you pay to advertise it. Noone will install it — that’s why no-one will Rate it — and you’ll NEVER get enough viewers to make any advertising Revenue if you use the homegrown method. Numbers…think numbers. The more Installs you have, the more Ratings you get…which drives even more people to trust your channel and watch your videos…which means more Video Ads will play, and in return you will make money.

Why do I need you Dean? I still think I can do it myself…Err, what you call the “homegrown” method!

Roku and Fire TV is an over saturated market of mediocre and amateur channels. Most have good intentions, but they rarely deliver videos that people will watch. Nope, people want the best, they don’t have time to screw around watching your home-made channel when the OTT (over the top) world of content offers free channels by IMDB, ROKU, Crackle, Tubi, PopcornFlix, and smaller but proven channels like mine.

So again back to our comparison, if you don’t go with my solution then gaining new users on Roku will cost you bigtime: You’d pay Roku’s Self Server advertising program $3 every time a user in the United States installs your Homegrown, DIY channel. (You pay much more for International viewers — for example it’s $18.42 per U.K. user install…

But if you use my Pre-Built, Established Roku Channels, then you won’t pay this kind of money. I get new installs without paying for them and I pass the savings on to you. My biggest channel is “Movies Plus TV” but you don’t have to rent this one to TEST my solution. You could try one of my smaller channels, like Badass TV or The Screening Room. See how you like my system.

Try my system by doing a simple test:
  • Click on one of my channel-links (below.) Take note of the name and the channel-art. Would you like to replace this “Branding” with yours? It could happen, this could be you…
  • Now, “add” the channel.
  • Next, go to your Roku device, and use the “update” feature so that you can see the newly added channel. Open the channel and take notice of the Splash art. You could have your Splash-Art here.
  • Now the channel will populate with my catalog of films. How would your like to have your videos streaming here?
  • Next, click on a Video. It could by playing an Advertisement that you make money on.
The next step involves using your PC and the Internet.
  • On developers like me have access to their channels performance Statistics. If we work together, then I will give you Administrator access to these reports. It’s all done via Roku’s online Developer portal.
  • Details about our arrangement will need to be negotiated, but in brief…I typically “rent” a channel on a test basis.
  • I let you control the incoming advertising money. (Roku has a system called RAF, and with this arrangement they give developers the Lion’s share of Ad-Revenue.) You can also use third-party Ad services, and I share my connections to these companies with you.
  • I let you control the Content. Place your own videos on the channel. You may stream Feature films, TV shows, Shorts, Webisodes, etc. (Please see my notes regarding short content.) You may stream Videos on Demand (VOD) or you may place a “Live” TV feed into the channel, to give the user an experience like broadcast television.

Importantly, if we work together — you won’t be locked into a contract, you may opt-out anytime, and you retain all your materials/video/art Assets, and your Proprietary Rights/Copyrights.


Stream current films that have “bankable” talent on them (you know, the Brad Pitts of the industry.) This is how you will make AD-REVENUE via my Connected TV Channels. I don’t give you Hollywood Features like Bruce Willis movies — sorry folks. You must have the willingness to license good content, NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN (nobody wants to watch that old stuff, I know because I tried that too.)

And sorry Indie Film producers, if you think that film lovers will seek out your unvetted Indie Films and cool shorts then you’re wasting your time. Shorts don’t make money. Do YOU want to sit through an Ad before you watch a Youtube video? Heck no, that’s a gateway. Nobody likes Gateways or Paid Gateways, especially when all they want to do is watch a 5 to 15 minute short film!

Add to that the fact that most all Independent Films are not vetted, they have no “MARQUEE VALUE.” That’s right, no Hollywood Marquee value talent = nobody wants to watch it! I suggest that you seek-out AdRise, Kino and other distributors or STUDIOS who license Hollywood quality content for Streaming purposes.

This shouldn’t shock you — I’ve already reached out to you with a system that you can test for the cost of a really good bottle of Scotch…so if you’ve decided to save time and money with my solution, you now can afford to license a Distributors/Studio’s content (not mine.) I typically don’t license my catalog of titles. Make sure you have the best content to make your Channel shine above the rest. Don’t forget to email me and we’ll set you up with a Roku or Fire Channel.

That’s the end of the consult folks! Contact me for more info — or if you’re only here to read and learn then please click on the “buy me a coffee” link at the bottom of the page.

To get your own TV Channel contact Dean via

Notes about Amazon Fire TV… They offer a pay-per-click program for Channel owners who wish to promote their channel in order to attain more user “installs.” It would take you a cost of $5 per App-Install and about 5 years to gain enough installs to get the 2,734 Ratings that Movies Plus on Fire TV already has (per 5/5/21.) The Amazon Ad Program cost is based upon Advertising “bidding” much like Google and Facebook. You pay by the click and It’s not cheap, so why try to launch a new channel when you can LEVERAGE MINE AS YOUR OWN.

Email Dean to get your own Amazon Fire TV channel with over 350,000 Subscribers.

If you’d like to see my channels — here are some direct links:

On Fire:

On Roku:

And for links to my niche channels (TMN, Badass TV, Screening Room, Arthouse Movies, Film Fest Best) here we are:

Cheers to ya — and happy streaming, Dean Lachiusa (c) 2021.

For Cordcutters…

Cord Cutters, rejoice! MoviesPlus TMN is on Roku, Android, and Amazon Fire TV channels.

Movies Plus publishes TMN (The Movie Network) and Movies Plus TV on Roku. (Each of these have about 300,000 followers.)

The MoviesPlus TMN network also publishes “Movies Plus” on Fire TV. (Over 400,000 Subscribers and growing steadily.)

Our oldest channels are “Badass TV” and The Screening Room on Roku. These are niche channels that reach a particular audience, for example those looking for Boxing matches enjoy Badass TV, and filmmakers look to The Screening Room for the latest Indie made films.

(Each have about 50,000 followers.)

Movies Plus TV on Android is here! Above is a Youtube Playlist that you can enjoy on our Android App. It’s a sample of the videos that we have curated, see the (R) TOP corner for the Playlist, which includes great shows like “Death Valley,” Special Unit 2 (SU2) and from the producers of Canada’s Corner Gas, the complete Hiccups TV series. It’s also free and ad-free. (Note that we don’t control the Youtube ads that may appear in the embedded playlist.)

Our newest channels on Roku are ArtHouse Movies and Film Fest Best. These channels are geared towards an audience who appreciates Art-Films and Independent Movies that have won Film Festivals, in particular, our Metro Film Festival. is a “Steaming TV Festival.”

(Each have about 20,000 followers.)

See the Metro Film Festival for how you may get your film or TV-show broadcast for free to our audience of about 500,000 viewers. Metro operates the “Metro Film & TV Awards” on the free-service, FilmFreeway.